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Genuine Yanmar Injection Pump L100N5, L70N6, L48N5


Genuine Yanmar Injection Pump for Yanmar

L100 N5CJIFIAA  – 714339-51210

L70 N6 fits all       – 714239-51200

L48 N5EFICIAA   – 714139-51210

Due to the variations of injector pumps, we have only listed a couple of the more popular pumps.      All injector pumps are available, please call with your Yanmar engine specification number for a quote   01249 824944

Please see our other listing for the L series N Injector Pump

(AE earlier models, N later models)


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Genuine Yanmar Injection Pump for Yanmar


L70 N6 fits all


Injector pump will only fit these Yanmar engine  specification.  Please call with your yanmar engine spec and will are happy to advise.

Genuine Yanmar Part

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