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Loncin E/Start 10hp Diesel Engine


Loncin Diesel Engine LC188FD5


10HP – 3600rpm Diesel Engine
1″ Parallel shaft
PTO rotation anti clockwise
Electric Start
Oil pressure switch
Weight: 50KG
Dimensions: 399 x 475 x 500mm


Loncin Diesel Engine 10hp LC188FD5

Powerful horsepower: the power of Loncin diesel engine is nearly 25% (nearly 1kw) higher than that of other similar engines, with lower oil consumption under the same power and broader application.

Easy to start: Designed with automatic decompression, more convenient for user operation; in terms of cold start, the engine with electric starter adopts a electric heating plug to heat the air inlet as to guarantee an easy start for users even in cold conditions.

Low noise and vibration: Based on precise analogue calculation, the operation with most optimized noise is obtained, the noise of which is 2dB lower than that of similar machines. (As a common sense, the noise will increase by 3bB when vibration becomes one time intense).